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ALT Space Champs collection is made up of 9,999 randomly generated NFTs that exist on the Polygon blockchain. We are having our private sale now with reduced pricing.
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  • ALT Champs are those who love new tech, web3 and favor Global Unity. The champs strive in creating a world of people helping each other grow, nations collaborating for betterment, and human beings living in harmony with the nature. The holders of ALT Space Champs NFTs become part of an exclusive token-gated community lounge, and enjoy its various benefits.
  • Benefits for NFT Holders
  • ENTRY TO THE LOUNGE Get exclusive access to the token-gated lounge to meet other cool tech enthusiasts. GET EARLY ACCESS Get introduced to the current & upcoming Web3 products of various companies across the world. ACCESS TO VIRTUAL SUMMITS Gain access to virtual meetings and summits.