Enter ALT Space

Are you excited about the evolution of Web3 Ecosystem? This space is exclusively for you to participate in exciting projects as early adopters, grow your projects and collaborate. Choose your NFT that is apt for you, and reap the benefits of minting it.
  • About ALT Space
  • At ALT Space, you will find exclusive token-gated communities for Web3 players. You gain entry by minting the necessary NFTs - Captains, Champs, and more.
  • There are a slew of benefits for all the NFT holders. You can interact, hire talent, collaborate and network with people who share a similar vision.
  • ALT Space is a product of Dimensions Co.
  • The Team behind ALT Space
  • ALT Space is founded by Seshu Karthick along with its investor T.N. Rao. The team is powered by blockchain developers, designers, community managers, and web3 marketers. Seshu is an alumnus of University of Texas at Dallas, and Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is a parallel entrepreneur who is bullish about technology and works primarily on Marketing-tech, Edu-tech, and Web 3.0.

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