Mint this NFT and engage with fellow Web3 creators.
ALT Space Captains collection is made up of 9,999 randomly generated NFTs that exist on the Polygon blockchain. We are having our private sale now with reduced pricing.
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  • The Captains are the ones who are passionate about building exciting products and solutions. They include founders, coders, creators, and contributors at Web3 projects. The holders of ALT Space Captains NFTs become part of an exclusive Web3 community to grow their projects or startups. They have the privilege to showcase their work, hire talent, collaborate and network with others.
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  • Benefits for NFT Holders
  • GET VISIBILITY & PROMOTION Be featured in "Elevator Reels" Board. COLLABORATE & GROW Collaborate at the exclusive token-gated community lounge and find talent. ACCESS TO VIRTUAL SUMMITS Gain access to virtual meetings and summits.

NFT Collector

Elevator Pitch Reels

Community Lounge

Virtual Summits

  • Token-gated Community Lounge
  • You join the exclusive Web3 community to find, connect and work with people with varied experience and competence in Web3 tech. You reap the many benefits such as... - Collaborating with similar minds - Finding teammates for your project - Sharing your knowledge & insights - Helping others and getting karma points - Getting free help, code, and design - Asking for advice and feedback - Hiring fresh talent - Getting inspired and a lot more...
  • Elevator Reels
  • Your elevator pitch video along with your company & personal profile shall be published. You give us an elevator pitch of your project / organization in less than 3 minutes. In your pitch, you can explain the purpose of your project (why), the underlying tech (how it works), and what exactly it does.
  • Virtual Summits
  • You can be a part of several Web3 summits in virtual reality. It allows you to explore spaces and meet others from all over the world. We aim to bring virtual events at par with the real ones by driving strong engagement and personalized experience.
Phase 1
Completed - Q2 2023
  • ✓ Mint Page Creation
  • ✓ Create NFT Collection
  • ✓ Partnership with Global Events
  • ✓ Create Board of Advisors
  • ✓ Private Sale Open - 1000 NFTs
Phase 2
Q3 2023
  • Token-Gated Lounge
  • Elevator Reels
  • Wall of Fame
Phase 3
Q4 2023
  • NFT Staking
  • Free-Mint new NFTs
  • New Utilities for NFT holders
  • Organize Virtual Summits